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Dr.Faud Teko

Dr.Faud Teko

Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Educational Qualifications

·         Bachelors in Medicine from Aleppo 1998.

·         Speciality in orthopedic 2007.

Work experience:

2008 – 2016:  Orthopedic Surgery Specialist at Alandalus hospital  – Syria

2010 – 2016: Orthopedic Surgery Specialist at Almartini Hospital

2013 – 2016: Orthopedic Surgery Specialist at Alrazi Hospital.

Key Skills:


·         Eager on updating knowledge and learning more about the latest developments in medical science.

·         Commitment towards caring for patients and providing them with best medical services.

·         Skilled at interacting with patients in a friendly manner and encouraging them to discuss their medical condition openly.

·         Capable of accepting responsibility towards patient’s health and well being.

·         Thorough knowledge of medical laws and ethical standards of medical care.

departments: Orthopedic Surgeon
positions: Orthopedic Surgery
treatments: Orthopedic Surgery
degree: Specialist
office: Planet Medical Center, 103 Al Waeb St ,Beverly Hills Compound
workingdays: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday