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Dr Nabeel Abokashreef

Dr Nabeel Abokashreef

                                                           ENT Specialist


  • A certificate of the (diseases and surgery of ear, nose and throat) from the Syrian Ministry of Health in 2007/ (very good) degree.
  • Bachelor of General Medicine of the University of Aleppo in 2002/ good degree.



  • Head of the Department of ENT Surgery in Nawa of the National Hospital for two years
  • Head of training and rehabilitation center for cochlea transplant patients.
  • Extensive experience in working on the (PTA) system and acoustic impedance and cochlea devices.
  • ENT Specialist working for the Syrian Red Crescent
  • ENT Specialist in Al Razi Hospital in Aleppo


Surgical Skills

  • FESS Nose surgery: Septoplasty -Turbinatectomy – Rhinoplasty – the surgical nasal polyps and masses – endoscopic sinus surgery.
  • Mouth surgery and pharynx: tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy – tongue surgery – cleft palate–cleft lip.
  • Ear surgery; Tympanoplasty – Mastoidectomy- middle ear effusion (ventilation tubes – Pinna abnormalities.
  • Participant as an assistant in / 60 / surgery cochlea (implantation) in Damascus with: Dr. Mazen Al-Hamidi
  • Participant as an assistant in / 15 / surgery cochlea (implant) with: Dr. Mazen Al-Hajri in Ibn Sina Hospital.
  • Neck surgery: dealing with congenital neck cysts – neck tumors – fistulas – lingual thyroid cysts – as well as tracheotomy.
  • Throat surgery: laryngoscopes direct and indirect, and all surgical interventions on the larynx.
  • Extensive experience in bronchoscope – extract foreign objects from the esophagus.
  • Surgeries salivary glands: the eradication of Submandibular gland – sublingual gland


Training Courses:

  • Training course in B.A.H.A ( Small audio device implants behind the ear ) under the supervision of Dr. Margaret Price
  • Workshop at endoscopic sinus surgery Tishreen Military Hospital.
  • Workshop at cochlear implant with d .Mazen Al-Hamidi in Damascus.
  • Cochlear implant with Dr. Mazen bins Mohammed Al Hajri in Yemen.
  • Attend now to apply for British Fellowship exam in Cairo.




departments: ENT Specialist
positions: ENT Specialist
treatments: ENT Specialist
degree: Specialist
office: Planet Medical Center, 103 Al Waeb St ,Beverly Hills Compound
workingdays: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday