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Dr Shaza Said Ali

Dr Shaza Said Ali



Compassion and educated dermatologist prepared to provide careful treatment to patients of all ages. Adept in keeping up with current dermatological procedures.


  1. Vast experience in assessing and treating a wide variety of skin conditions and diseases (such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis)
  2. Outstanding diagnostic skills and ability to deliver effective treatment for timely and full recoveries
  3. Comprehensive training in performing skin surgeries including cosmetic procedures
  4. Extensive knowledge on the latest and best practices in skin care
  5. Prominent keynote speaker at industry events
  6. Superb communication skills
  7. Exceptional interpersonal skills
  8. Thrives in both team and individual work environments
  9. Extremely flexible and able to effectively adapt to change
  10. Meticulous in procedural work
  11. Wide range of knowledge in skin disorders specific to developing countries
  12. Knowledge of latest treatment options for cancerous skin conditions



  • Bachelor in medicine, Aleppo University – 2002.
  • Certificate of specialty Dermatology, Aleppo University – 2010.
  • Master degree in dermatology and syphilis, Aleppo University.


2002 – 2006: Dermatology resident, Aleppo University Hospital.

2007- 2016: Dermatologist at DERMA center.

Scientific researches:

Treatment of vitiligo by Vitamins (Folic Acid, B12, E, C). 2010



departments: Dermatologist
positions: Dermatologist
treatments: Dermatologist
degree: Specialist
office: Planet Medical Center, 103 Al Waeb St ,Beverly Hills Compound
workingdays: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday