Dr. Faud Teko

Orthopaedic Surgery

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Medicine from Aleppo 1998.
  • Speciality in orthopedic 2007.

Work experience:

  • 2008 – 2016 Orthopedic Specialist at Alandalus hospital- Syria.

Core Privileges:

Emergency Surgery:

  1. Application of Traction Pins
  2. Closed manipulation of fractures / dislocations/ splints / casts
  3. Closed manipulation and Percutaneous wire /screw fixation
  4. Open reduction and tension wiring
  5. Tendon / ligament repair
  6. Fasciotomy

Shoulder surgery:

  1. Manipulation of frozen shoulders
  2. Subacromial and Intraarticular injections
  3. Scapular bursa injection: excision –open
  4. Subacromial decompression: open
  5. A/C joint resection: acromioplasty open
  6. ORIF of fractures of humeral head/humeral shaft

Wrist and neck surgery:

  1. Tendon Repair Basic Techniques
  2. Nerve Entrapment surgery (Medial Nerve,Ulnar nerve)
  3. Surgical treatment of Tenosynovitis
  4. Surgical treatment of special hand infections (Palmer spaces, web spaces … etc)
  5. Surgical treatment of tendon sheets infection

Pelvis and Hip Surgery:
Closed reduction with clamp / Fix Pelvic Ringdisruptions
Knee Surgery:
Aspiration of Knee
Foot and Ankle Surgery:

  1. Removal, excision of soft tissue swelling and Mortin’s neuroma
  2. Hallux Valgues surgery (soft tissueprocedures, Fusion, Excision Arthroplasty,osteomies proximal and distal)
  3. Ingrown toenail operation

Bone tumors:

  1. Excision of osteochondroma
  2. Excision of Osteoma


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